10 Tips For Getting The Best Deal on a Used Vehicle

Buying a car whether a new or used vehicle can be a frustrating or an easy experience depending on the buyer. Since everyone wants the best deal on a car, there must be some ways to make sure that happens. These tips should help any buyer get a low price on their vehicle.

Multiple Quotes

This is probably the easiest one to do since it either takes a few phone calls or a few minutes online. Ask for quotes from multiple dealerships. This way, you as the buyer can research how much the dealerships are asking for and go from there.

The Amount

Stick with what you want to pay. Do not feel pressured to upgrade or go with a car that is clearly out of your price range. There are more things to pay for than just the car such as: gas, insurance and future maintenance costs. This is your money; stick within the budget you have decided upon.


Do not become emotional when purchasing a vehicle. Do not get too easily attached to one particular vehicle just because the dealership will let you take it home for 24 hours. Do not become hostile or aggressive wither. Stay friendly and honest about what you want during all transactions.

The Walk Out

No one can force you to buy a specific vehicle from a specific location. You are the customer and you hold all the cards. If you do not want or like the deal they are offering then leave. They cannot keep you. Walk out if things don’t feel comfortable, you think they are charging to much or you even feel too much pressure.

Calm Times

Another way of making sure you can get the best deal is to go to dealerships off hours. Go during the weekday when there are not as many other buyers as well. This can help with test driving and even speaking to managers who would normally not be as readily available.

Less Talk

When you go to the dealership, less is more. Do not give your social security number if you do not have to. They are trying to get a financial package together to make more money. Have all the research before going and it is easier to deny them what they want from you.

Focus on the Total

The total amount of the car is more important to shop by rather than the monthly payments that you can afford. Shopping by monthly payments can let the dealer sneak in a few things like cheaper payments but a longer term thus allowing them more money and you paying more interest.


If you do have a trade in, do that a separate time. Too many numbers can become confusing for everyone and the better deal might be lost with all the number crunching.

Incentives Last

It is very easy to have an armed knowledge of rebates and other incentives and bring them up first. However, wait until they give you the final price and then negotiate rebates and others later.

Negotiation of Fees

There are certain fees that cannot be taken off or be given a better deal. However, some like marketing, dealer fees and even extended warranties can be done elsewhere or at a lower fixed rate.

To sum up, car buying can be a hassle if you let it. Knowledge is power. If you know before you go, the best deal can be waiting for you.