Change Vehicle Registration Address

When you move to a new location in Wisconsin, you’re required to inform the DMV about the change. You can change the address on your driver’s license by mail, through an email, through a phone […]


Vehicle Registration Renewal

After driving a car for several years, you have to renew its registration. The process takes a few steps, and you must complete each one to drive legally. Here are the main steps to complete […]

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Registering Vehicle From Out Of State

If you’re a new resident in the state of Wisconsin, you must register your vehicle shortly after you establish residency. Vehicle registration will be done through the Wisconsin DMV, which is in charge of record […]


Replace Car Registration

If your license plate, registration sticker, or registration card is lost or damaged, you’ll need to order a replacement through the Wisconsin DMV. You cannot legally operate a vehicle without the registration card or license […]


Change Vehicle Registration Name

If you have legally changed your name, you’ll need to update your vehicle registration with the Wisconsin DMV. There’s a fairly straightforward process to change your vehicle registration name. First you’ll need to change your […]


New Registration

Vehicles in the state of Wisconsin can be registered by through the mail and in person at your local DMV office. New residents and owners of new cars will need to apply for a new […]

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