Drivers License Name Change

There are several reasons that could cause people to decide to change their name. Sometimes, people seek a name change when they are married. Sometimes, people seek a name change when they are divorced. In other instances, though, people go to court to change their name in order to escape a past that they associate with their old name. No matter what the reason was, anyone who has a name change is required to update certain government agencies of the new name.

If you recently had a change to your name and you are a licensed driver in the state of Wisconsin, you must immediately begin the process of updating your drivers license with the correct information. While the task is not difficult, it must be done quickly so that you can stay within the legal requirements of the state while you are driving. If you are caught with a drivers license that has your incorrect name appearing on it, you could be subject to fines and penalties. In other words, you should not procrastinate when it comes to updating your name on your Wisconsin drivers license. Just refer to the information below so that you know exactly what is required of you to complete the process of changing the name that is printed on your license.

Be aware that you are only able to complete the process of changing your name on your license in person at your local customer service center of the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles. If you attempt to complete the process online, by mail, or by phone, you will just be wasting your time and energy. Also, be aware that you must be physically present at the customer service center at the time that you apply for a new license that accurately reflects your current name. While a friend or family member may be with you at the time of your visit, no person is allowed to appear in place of you.

Before you leave your house and drive to your local DMV center, double-check to make certain that you have all of the documents that an employee at the center will ask you to show when you get there. Make sure that you have already updated the Social Security Administration in advance of your trip to the DMV center. Also, there is no way to schedule an appointment to skip the line at the DMV center. You must stand in line with everyone else.

Make sure that you bring with you at least one document that proves your identity. This piece of proof can be in the form of your current drivers license, a United States passport, or a social security card. Next, you will need to show one document proving that your name was legally changed. This proof can be in the form a marriage certificate, a marriage license, a divorce decree, or a court order.

After a staff member at the DMV center approves all of your documents, he or she will ask for you to surrender your current drivers license that contains your previous name. After you have surrendered that license, the final step in the process is for you to pay the required fee for a new license. This fee is $14 and can be paid with a check, a money order, a cashier’s check, a credit card, a debit card, or cash. As soon as your payment is accepted, you will be issued a receipt that you can use as proof of your license until your new permanent license that contains your new name arrives in the mail.