Replace Drivers License

When you open your wallet or purse and cannot find your drivers license, a sense of dread can take hold of your mind. You don’t know exactly what happened to it; all you know is that you no longer have it. Maybe you lost it. Maybe you misplaced it. Hopefully, somebody did not steal it. Whatever happened to it, it is scary to think that someone else could be in possession of it, because you do not know what that person might do with it. However, it should also worry you that if you are caught without a drivers license in your possession, you could face fines or other penalties.

If you are a licensed driver in the state of Wisconsin and you recently lost your drivers license, it is important that you quickly notify authorities and do all that is required to replace it. In order to replace your drivers license, just follow the instructions outlined below. It is not a difficult process. However, if you decide to procrastinate, you will be breaking the law if you continue to drive without a license in your possession.

The Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles gives you the option to apply for a duplicate license either online, by mail, or in person at a customer service center. If you choose to use the online option, you can find the correct website to do so through the main page of the Wisconsin DMV. Once you locate the correct website, you will have to enter your drivers license number, your social security number, your date of birth, and the zip code at your current residence. Next, you will need to pay the $14 fee that is required to obtain a duplicate license. You can use a credit card or debit card. After your application and payment are accepted, you should print out the receipt and use it as temporary proof that you have applied for duplicate until your new permanent license arrives in the mail.

If you decide to apply for a replacement license by mail, you will first need to obtain Form MV3001. This application form can be found on the website of the Wisconsin DMV. Once you have filled this form out with all of your accurate information, you must include in the envelope your payment of the $14 fee for a replacement license. You can use a personal check, a cashier’s check, or a money order. Make the payment payable to

the “Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles.” Mail your completed application and payment to:

Department of Transportation

Driver Eligibility Unit

P.O. Box 7995

Madison, WI 53707

If you choose to apply for a replacement license in person at your local DMV center, make sure that you bring with you at least one document that proves your identity. This document could be a birth certificate, a United States passport, or a social security card. As soon as you arrive at your local DMV center, you will need to fill out Form MV3001. You can pick up this form at the center or go ahead and print it out from home before you leave for the center. As soon as you show your documents to a staff member at the office and he or she approves your application, you will be asked to pay the replacement fee of $14. You can make this payment at the center with a check, a cashier’s check, a money order, a credit card, a debit card, or cash. You will be issued a receipt at the center. Use this until your permanent replacement arrives in the mail.